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642-word editorial editorial by Larry Gore, Jr., a metro-Detroit based writer, which discusses how some people have poor work habits, despite of needing a job.



     Just recently upon my visit to a local Family Dollar, I noticed one of the female cashiers talking loudly to her children on her cellphone with the speaker phone active while the line of customers grew longer and longer. She appeared to have had a lackluster attitude about her job and an unpresentable appearance which shouldn’t be displayed in the work force, and it only leaves the question of the work ethic one should have at the workplace.

     Although this is not the first place that have shown an apathetic approach and certainly will not be the last, they are unaware that this could possibly be a deafening cause of loss of business. During a paralyzing pandemic that have made numerous employees cut their hours or quit altogether, it has shuttered businesses all over the country. Many have relied on unemployment for so long that they have become somewhat lethargic when it comes to maintaining or simply going out to find employment. Today, businesses are becoming quite desperate for workers, but exactly how desperate? At one of the fewest restaurants that has in-door service, the worker not only was mask-less but had a full beard and in fast foods especially that should not be acceptable. The honor and respect of yesteryears seem to have disappeared; where being at blue-collared worker brought dignity to the people and working a solid job truly meant something and the option of welfare was never thought about and was genuinely a last resort.

Why Learning Proper Work Ethic is Needed at any Age