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A 452-word editorial written by Larry Gore, Jr., a Metro Detroit-based writer.



    There is a saying that says, “the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.” Well, it seems to many black men and women that the juice is becoming bitter and indigestible.

     Today, many taboos from yesteryears are becoming customary and being adapted to our way of living and one of them is dating and marrying outside one’s race. The reason why black men and women are dating outside their race has several responses and many of them comes from personal experience rather than preference. It has been said that many, not all, black women have an unseemly attitude about them and are non-submissive to the black man and that they are arrogant, finger-snapping, self-proclaimed independent beings that want their cake and eat it too.

     As far as the black man, they seem to have a reputation of chasing worthless pursuits and are deadbeats when it comes to their children. Not all black men and women suit this profile. As this may in fact be a paradox, most will not contest to it because they have had unpleasant incidents with a black woman or black man that fits the typecasting description at least once in their life.

Why do Black people date and marry outside their race?