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A 178-word article written by Addona Smith AKA Godis GODIS is a Detroit spiritual artist who uses her gifts as a writer, photographer, garment designer and speaker to celebrate, document and inspire the awakening of the Goddess within women. To contact GODIS E-MAIL;



In the mind of a child, the world is full of wonder and magic. To them anything is possible, for they live in the realm of infinite possibilities. They have no knowledge of lack and limitation.    The world is a big playground - a place where they can create whatever their mind can conceive.

     They are in touch with the power of their imagination.  As a result, they can create within themselves and in their life many new and wonderful experiences. They innately know and can experience themselves as powerful creators. They live in the land of make believe. They make up in their minds what they want, and then they believe

Why Becoming a Child Again Helps To Open Eyes to A New View on Life

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