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902-word inspirational article.  Written by Ma’at Seba is the founder and facilitator of RELATIONSHIP FIRST AID, a program which uses spiritual principles as the tools to iden-tify and resolve the causes of unhealthy, toxic or stressful relationships, whether it is with your mate, children, friends, co-workers as well as yourself.



     Job security has now become obsolete, financial instability is becoming a reality to masses of people, and the unemployment lines continue to grow daily.

    Our society has trained us to value materialism instead of Mother Earth, spirituality, each other, and God. Some people are validated and defined by their jobs, titles, money, house, car, or accessories, and that, is a sad commentary. The word stability is used in the past tense. This society's false sense of security and faith has been founded upon the government, the acquisition of things, power, and money, but not on God. Now that this "security and faith" is being shaken apart, the focus is now being turned in the direction into which it should have been from the very beginning, towards God. When you are forced to move out of your comfort zone, and the reality that things are not going to be the way that you have been accustomed to them being, that new reality becomes an almost paralyzing realization

     As more people lose their jobs, cars, and homes, they will begin to re-evaluate their lives and seek a belief system, which fills the voids in their Spirit. God has been waiting patiently for all her lost sheep to come back to the fold. During trials and tribulation, prayer and an unwavering faith in God, is the only salvation that there is. Standing in faith sounds simple enough to do, and to write about it, speak about it and preach about it is honorable. But to really live it is a completely different thing.

     Faith - unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence, complete trust, confidence, or reliance. An unquestioning belief in God is what I have had to have many times in my life. When faced with a challenge or crisis in life, the first reaction is fear become fearful, which clouds judgment. But fear, a powerful and sometimes debilitating emotion, is the most important emotion that must be overcome and replaced with faith. “Faith and fear cannot dwell in the heart at the same time", either you stand in one or you will fall in the other. Faith must be accompanied by its companion "Surrender", which means that one must be willing to let go and not need to feel that they must be in control of a situation.

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