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671-word article. Written by Willie E. Brake a Computer Expert and Industry Analyst at All About Technology, a Certified Minority Business Enterprise and Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, based in Detroit, Michigan.



     Nothing is more annoying than having slow internet. When it eventually happens to you – and it will, you are going to wonder what you can do to speed up your connection. I have listed three of my top tips below.

  • Check Your Internet Plan

     Sometimes, your internet connection is slow because you are paying for cheap internet. Contact your internet provider and find out what plan you have. Also, run a speed test using to see how well your internet is performing. Be sure to stop any downloads, uploads, Netflix streaming, or other heavy internet activity before running the test to ensure as little interference with the results as possible.

     Speed tests sometimes appear high, as some Internet service providers may prioritize them and may have servers remarkably close to you. If your connection speed is a bit slow, that can be normal as you pay for up to a certain speed and may not always get the exact speed that you pay for. Speeds may also be slower at busier times of the day, when everyone in your area is using the internet connection, rather than off peak hours when many people are sleeping. If what you have measured is close to what you are paying for, then your network is working fine, and your internet plan just isn’t very fast. The best way to speed it up will be to consider an upgrade.

Top 3 Ways to Deal with A Slow Internet Connection