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585-word article. Written by Willie E. Brake a Computer Expert at All About Technology, a Certified Minority Business Enterprise and Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, located at 6450 Michigan Avenue in Detroit, Michigan.



Computer users can save time and money with these basic troubleshooting steps for your Windows PC.

These troubleshooting steps address basic, often overlooked problems that do not require you to open your computer's case, handle hardware components, or dive deeper into your operating system inner workings. Keep in mind that your goal is to solve an existing problem, not create a new one.

Listed below are two common scenarios that occur with Windows-based computers.

  • The computer will not power up.
  • The computer will not boot from the hard drive.

Please keep in mind that these are all generic recommendations. With the vast number of different makes and models of PCs, specific troubleshooting steps may vary. If these steps fail to address the issue you are encountering, you will need to seek advice from a certified professional or from the manufacturer if your computer is still under warranty.

Tips to Perform Basic Troubleshooting Steps on Your Windows PC to Save Money