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A 782-word article written by by Ma’at Seba, founder and facilitator of RELATIONSHIP FIRST AID, a program which uses spiritual principles as the tools to identify and resolve the causes of unhealthy, toxic, or stressful relationships, whether it is with your mate, children, friends, co-workers as well as yourself.



     When you think about a prostitute, typically it is a woman or man that has sex in exchange for money, drugs, a place to sleep, food etc. It is a profession, lifestyle, or existence that if given better options and/or choices or opportunities, that woman or man might chose differently.      Generally, a person prostitutes for what they feel is for their financial and/or physical survival. However, there is another kind of prostitute, and you have been, are now, or might become this kind of prostitute; it is the prostitute that lies within your own mind. This prostitute lives comfortably within you and subtly comes out when you feel your survival or what you deem as your security (financial, emotional, spiritual, mental, physical) security is threatened.

**Prostitute – to negotiate one’s integrity or spirit due to financial or physical survival or for financial gain; to sell (oneself, one’s services, one’s artistic or moral integrity etc.) for low or unworthy purposes.

     Here are several examples of how you could prostitute yourself:

1) Working at a job that you hate,

2) staying in an unhappy, toxic, inharmonious relationship (personal or business),

The Prostitute Within, Do You Have One?

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