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A 629-word editorial written by Larry Gore, Jr., a Metro Detroit-based writer.



     Currently, with all the aggression and corruption that is vividly being shown on television and on social media, one must ask about how one was raised and how they were disciplined for their behavior growing up. 

     Different disciplinary measures for diverse cultures. Many African American families are known for incorporating open hand slaps, belts, switches, or anything the mother or father could find to get their child in line. The purpose of it all is to make sure the child understands the lesson, but some parents push it entirely too far.

     Today, what some parents say is reproof the law define it as abuse, but exactly what constitutes as abuse? Physical abuse is just one way it is shown, and it should be done out of tough love and not to harm. Many experts have gone as far as doing a psychological analysis on children who were either abused and abandoned and it usually stems from their parents who went through similar upbringings. Some children could be talked to and have the talk resonate within their conscience to gear towards a change while others need a tougher approach.

The difference between chastisement and abuse

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