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A 592-word article that dicusses what is needed to refurbish computers to run smoothly.  Written by Willie E. Brake a Computer Expert and Industry Analyst at All About Technology, a Certified Minority Business Enterprise and Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, based in Detroit, Michigan.



     Millions of kids are home from school and with parents now working from home, many families are realizing they do not have enough computers to go around. Due to sudden demand and supply-chain issues, new laptops are in short supply.

     Whether you need a computer for your child to use for schoolwork and distance learning, entertainment, or a combination, you have a few options. I will walk you through updating an old computer as well as giving you advice on how to shop for a new computer. I will go through four different scenarios—the newer the computer you’re trying to revive, the easier it will be to reuse that machine, but even eight- or nine-year-old computers can still be useful if you’re just trying to get by.

     Computers running Windows 8 or Windows 10—which represents most laptops sold between late 2013 and now—are easy to get up and running if they have no major hardware problems. Unlike Windows 7, Microsoft still supports both operating systems with security updates, and apps and Web browsers like Chrome will run on without any issues.

Should You Recycle A Computer For Your Child Or Get A New One?