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A 812-word article written by Heather Hetheru,Personal Change Coach. Let her 25+ years’ experience helping others navigate the journey of life through books, workshops, and 1-on-1 coaching work for you too. For more information visit or reach out to



   If you have visited my website ( and read my mythology “The becoming of Queens and Goddesses” you would know that evolution of “women, queens and goddesses” indicate that there was a process.  A “becoming.”  The females of our species enter this world with feminine energy, power, and strength.  A creative force that is cultivated, subdued, latent, or repressed.  While it (by Divine Creation), must manifest in concert with the priceless life born into the world the energy yet exists. Let me start by sharing the insights that will follow are not about judgment; the good, bad, right, or wrong of a person or where a person is on the journey, it is a matter of our life experiences, readiness and choices that set us on the course of self-exploration.

    On my journey, I have not only identified 3 types of people but 3 types of females. Note this reference to “female” is about gender not about a negative perception.  I challenge every “wom[b]-man” who reads this message to look to your past and present experiences and identify which path you have followed or are following.  You were wonderfully made! The core of your body, by design, made flexible and strong enough to endure.  While I define people in 3 types (ordinary, extra ordinary and the extraordinary) I define females much the same but as --- woman, queen, and goddess. 

      “Women” are the most unaware of our gender.  She is considered among the ranks of ordinary people anchored to the foundation of our world, communities, and families.  She is a significant part of the status quo; locked into routines and the activities of daily living.  She is educated by systems, life and/or by life experiences and often conditioned to participate in the fulfillment of the “American Dream”.  “Queens” are among the extra ordinary of our gender.  Existing unapologetically for being a doer, mover, or builder she has changed the face of the world, community, and family.  Educated by intention, she utilizes the educational systems toward her greatest potential.  She is not after “the Dream”, she is the supporter and builder of her own!  “Goddesses” are among the extraordinary of our gender.  She is among the rank of healers, explorers, and defenders speaking life, seeking life and spreading life with both tangible and spiritual tools.  She cultivates and guides others to an awakening of the spirit within and throughout all things.  She is the alarm clock to awaken the sleeping and points to the horizon of healing possibilities.

Lessons from the Journey: Three Types of Females