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A 451-word article written by Sheila Bingham, a natural heathcare specialist.For products or more information, feel free to contact:, (IG) healusall, or (947) 333-1513.



     Welcome to a series of articles on building your immunity with color, continuing with the color, “ORANGE”. 

Our “Sacral” region/chakra (‘Sacrum' in Latin means 'sacred'. Many cultures believe this bone is holy! It protects the precious organs that create life), is represented by the color, orange. The sacrum is a bony “shield” shaped structure physically located at the base of the spine and located between the root and solar plexus chakras.  Thus, it affects the reproductive organs and digestive tract. The sacral chakra is closely related to the splenic nervous center, which influences the working of the spleen. The spleen functions as a blood cleanser. It also breaks down the energy in food.  Orange stimulates happiness, confidence, resourcefulness and helps remove inhibitions. Brings joy to our workday, strengthens our immune system, and activates the body’s own resistance, leaving no room for depression, pessimism, or fatigue. Orange is considered “warm” and stimulating.

     If there is dysfunction or imbalance in the sacral region, you may experience the following: ovarian & uterine problems, phlegm, candida, eating disorders, substance abuse, impotence, frigidity, asthma, allergies, cramps, depression, gout, stiffness, etc.

Learn to Build your immunity with COLOR - Orange

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