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A 592-word editorial that speaks about the hypocrisy in religion. Are religious leaders called to assist the public or to milk funds out of the flock. Written by Larry Gore, Jr., a Metro Detroit-based writer.



     Nearly everyone, at least once in their life, either with their grandmother or different members of their family have attended a church service.

     Many people have about the same story concerning church, as being this place where the man behind the pulpit hum and sweat, speaking false prophecies and in the end, hook the people with multiple offerings. But what about true salvation?

     In this day and time, many people are looking for a way out of their trials and constrictions; many have lost loved ones from the pandemic and looking for an overall change but cannot find it especially when you have churches out there that is only in for the almighty dollar.

     Many men who arrogantly hold the office of bishop or pastor fail to realize that they have people’s lives in their hands.

     For example, in 2013, the television show Preachers of L.A aired, starring six men who all had a backstory of how they were introduced to the ministry but with tons of drama that followed. After watching the first episode, it would draw concern about one’s own salvation and is it really free or do one have to pay a pastor or bishop for the word of God. The only thing this television have shown and along with many others is the prestige, pride, popularity, and pleasure man possess all in the name of God.

Is Salvation Really Free?