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581-word article. Written by Willie E. Brake a Computer Expert and Industry Analyst at All About Technology, a Certified Minority Business Enterprise and Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, based in Detroit, Michigan.



     As a result of COVID-19, many entrepreneurs and companies have quickly pivoted to remote work arrangements for their employees, and some industries are working from home for the first time ever. With the rush to enable remote workforces, many employees and entrepreneurs end up working 8-12 hours a day from their laptop screens. This is not ideal, especially when working on spreadsheets and switching between different applications for prolonged hours.

     Monitors are an essential tool for an effective work from home environment and they can improve your work experience, boost productivity, and become a smart health investment. In this article, I will offer some tips to enable you to select the right monitor for your remote work needs.

     If bigger and wider screen space is a priority, you should consider more than one monitor or go with one ultrawide curved monitor, commonly between 34 to 49-inches. Monitors with ultra-thin bezels are ideal for creating seamless multi-monitor configurations, resulting in less distraction from bezel breaks.

How To Select The Right Monitor For Your Remote Work Needs