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742-word article. Written by Ma’at Seba, founder and facilitator of RELATIONSHIP FIRST AID, a program which uses spiritual principles as the tools to identify and resolve the causes of unhealthy, toxic or stressful relationships, whether it is with your mate, children, friends, co-workers as well as yourself.



     Life's experiences can sometimes leave you with feelings of worry, doubt anger, resentment jealousy, hate, lack etc., but all of these feelings have the common denominator of Fear. In your Divine state there is no fear, only love, and when you rest in the space of perfect love, you are not capable of feeling anything less than that. When in the space of love, faith then develops because you have the knowing that there is nothing to fear.

Faith and fear cannot dwell in the heart at the same time, either you will stand in one or you will fall into the other. “Prayer assists you in staying connected to your Divine state, because we are all co-creators with the Most High, we have just forgotten that We are created from the pure Love essence of the Most High, we cannot be anything other than that from which we were created from. Perfect Love. God is Love. We were created from perfect love, and fear is love out of balance. Prayer is one of the tools to use to bring the scale of the God's Love within us back into balance.


     Intimately communing with the God elevates you into your higher consciousness, your Divine state, and it is from within this space where you co-create with the Most High and make manifest your desires. Having a sacred space in your home "trains” your mind and body that this is the time to be still and become peaceful. When you become routine or ritualistic in developing your process for connecting with the Most High, you will notice how quickly your body and mind will become relaxed. Your sacred space should reflect you and is something that is very personal and sacred to you because this is where you connect with The Divine.

Setting Up Your Sacred Prayer Space

     These are just some suggestions for creating a sacred prayer/meditation space that reflect you:

How to create a sacred space