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A 574-word insprirational article written by Evangelist Barbara Colbert-Brooks.



     Sometimes, God does a particular thing for a particular purpose. Then, to bring that thing into fruition, He selects a particular vessel. Thus, His Will be done. 

    l knows a natural man, who confronted life with ferocious intent, seizing, dividing, and conquering. In his carnal state, he could not possibly know that he was yet a vessel being prepared for God’s divine plan. He was like Jacob, wrestling with the Angel all night long until his deliverance came. And as unbeknownst to any natural being, when God has destined you for a purpose, there is no way out. Despite obtaining victory over social injustices, generational curses, and personal demons, this man had yet to spar with the Lord Himself. In our carnality, we will believe we are conquerors strong and mighty, rulers of the world, masters of the universe.  We convince ourselves that by our own mortal power, we can even prevail over the will of God. Yet, by the testimony of countless witnesses, when God takes you to the ring, and the wrestling match begins, the fight is fixed. This man learned that his wrestling matches in the world, were divinely designed to ultimately reward him a blackbelt in salvation. 

He was No Ordinary Man

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