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A 441-word column written by JoJo Lanier, a licensed cosmetologist who has been practicing for 40  years. JoJo trained under Joe Louis Dudley, Sr., an American businessman, and hair-care entrepreneur. He is the president and chief executive officer for Dudley Products Inc., a manufacturer, and distributor of hair and skin care products for the African American community.



Q.    JoJo I’ve seen the news report that said hair dye causes breast cancer in African American women.  Is this all-hair color or just permanent dyes?

A.    This latest study analyzes association, not causation. They’re not saying hair dyes are the cause of breast cancer, but they think it could contribute to it.  The survey also said tobacco use, obesity, lack of exercise, and alcohol consumption is more clearly linked to the risk of breast cancer than chemical dyes and straighteners. The study also stated that the risk of breast cancer was lower in women who permanently dyed their hair in a professional salon. There are alternatives to permanent hair dyes that work well, demi or semi-permanent tints work well in covering or enhancing grey hair and give great highlights to dark hair. Rinses also work well, and they are safe enough to use biweekly if needed because just like their name, they rinse off.

Hair Talk with JoJo the Haircare Expert

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