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Column is written by JoJo Lanier, a licensed cosmetologist who has been practicing for 40 years. JoJo trained under Joe Louis Dudley, Sr., an American businessman, and hair-care entrepreneur. He is the president and chief executive officer for Dudley Products Inc., a manufacturer, and distributor of hair and skin care products for the African American community.



Q. JoJo I was told that Terry’s Place does waxing. I have a mustache and chin hair. My brother said that if I wax or shave it, the hair will grow back thicker is that true?

A. No that’s not true. Shaving your facial hair does not make them grow back thicker. Terry’s Place has been Detroit’s #1 Eyebrow arching boutique since 1971, specializing in eyebrow arching and facial hair waxing. Contrary to rumor, removing your facial hair does not make it grow back thicker. It’s the complete opposite actually. If you continue to get waxing done on an area and do nothing else, you will find that the hair grows back finer and lighter.


Hair Talk with JoJo the Haircare Expert

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