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A 497-word article written by JoJo Lanier, a licensed cosmetologist who has been practicing for 40 years. JoJo trained under Joe Louis Dudley, Sr., an American businessman, and hair-care entrepreneur. He is the president and chief executive officer for Dudley Products Inc., a manufacturer, and distributor of hair and skin care products for the African American community.



Q.  JoJo I’m a wig wearer, and I have my favorite wigs styles that are me. Everybody knows me by my style. Now my wig style has been discontinued.  I’ve been getting my synthetic wigs restyled, and they’ve been working out well. But lately they’ve been frizzy and hard on the ends. My stylist suggests trimming but then it’ll be too short. Is there a conditioner that can soften these ends to keep my style alive?

A.    Unfortunately, synthetic wigs are made of plastic fibers. Usually over time, heat will harden those fibers and make the wigs impossible to detangle regardless of conditioning. Body heat, electric heat, cooking heat or restyling with rollers and dryers will eventually make buying a new girlfriend inevitable. I’d suggest adding to your hair collection before your current girlfriend goes on vacation. Change your look gradually. Add a different color or length every now, and then with different outfits you can still grab your best friend for those special occasions and have fun creating the new you.

Hair Talk with JoJo the hair care expert

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