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A 392-word article written by JoJo Lanier. a licensed cosmetologist who has been practicing for 40 years. JoJo trained under Joe Louis Dudley, Sr., an American businessman, and hair-care entrepreneur. He is the president and chief executive officer for Dudley Products Inc., a manufacturer, and distributor of hair and skin care products for the African American community.



Q.   JoJo, I moved out of state 20 years ago and will be relocating back to the Detroit area. Before I moved, Terry’s Place was the wig and eyelash capital of the city. People were lined up outside early in the morning to get their wigs, eyebrows and eyelashes done - not to mention grabbing a couple pieces of Ms. Terry’s lemon cake. How is Ms. Terry doing and does Terry’s still do arches and lashes?

A.     Ms. Terry is doing good. She’s 85 years old, fought cancer for over 10 years, and is still praising God. And yes, Terry’s Place is still the largest black owned wig and eyelash salon in Detroit. Ms. Terry’s daughter, granddaughter, and granddaughter-in-law have taken over the eyebrow/lashes division. After completing beauty school and apprenticeships, they got advance training from the Queen herself. We’re excited to have you back in the D. Come on back to Terry’s and get some of that old fashion pampering.

Hair Talk with JoJo the hair care expert