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A 292-word inspirational article written by  GODIS, a Detroit spiritual artist who uses her gifts as a writer, photographer, garment designer and speaker to celebrate, document and inspire the awakening of the Goddess within women. To contact GODIS E-MAIL;



     What we see in ourselves and in the world is not all there is. We are not only limited to what we see with

our physical eyes. Through the opening of our spiritual eyes, through fasting, prayer, meditation

 and oneness with God, we can see in the Spirit the possibilities of what we can create in the world, who we truly

are and who we came into this world to ultimately become. 

      We are daughters of God. We were created in the mind of God. We are individualized feminine expressions of God. We have come to this planet for our spirit to grow and evolve through our human experiences - to evolve ourselves as God’s creation and as creators.

Embracing the Goddess Within We are powerful creatures

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