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A 330-word inspirational article written by Addona Smith AKA Godis GODIS is a Detroit spiritual artist who uses her gifts as a writer, photographer, garment designer and speaker to celebrate, document and inspire the awakening of the Goddess within women. To contact GODIS E-MAIL;



Everything that God has created serves a divine purpose. Before I came into this physical form known as Aldonna (a.k.a GODIS), I existed in the spirit realm. I was pure light and energy. I was a spirit being.

     While in spirit form, I had a conversation with God. During that conversation I was asked to take on a physical body and embark upon a spiritual journey to a place called earth. God and I discussed the time, place, and the date that I would be born and the parents that I would be born too and the life experiences that I would have and the lessons I needed to learn. We also discussed the spiritual and creative gifts that I would be given and the purpose and mission I was to fulfill.

Embracing the Goddess Within: The Sacred Contract with God

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