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579-word article. 871-word article. Monthly inspirational column is written by Evelyn M. Bingham, a retired entrepreneur and former owner of the first black-owned hotel on Mackinaw Island in Michigan.



During these times of political turmoil within our country and around the world, we, the people, are becoming more emotionally uncertain, of our future. We worry how we will survive economically, socially, personally, and globally, in such a negatively charged society as we are experiencing today. We know that God is whispering to us in many ways, saying, TRUST ME, I GOT THIS! However, being the humans that we are, and listening to the dog whistling, and mean hate speech being fed to us daily, we tend to forget, who, is in charge!


To keep ourselves in a sane and balanced state, we must realize and seek to correct the negative, suspicious, subtle and hateful programming we are being inundated with daily.  For many reasons, too many of our citizens lack the mental or emotional health or clarity to separate the truth from fictitious lies, which has caused so many of the angry, confused, hate filled killings and interactions within our society.


To be aware of our feelings and emotions daily, we need to give serious thought to their origins. Consider these following four-letter words as words we routinely hear or use each day, we rarely give them a second thought, however; if we consider them as sample words, what do they mean? What memories come to mind? I decided to experiment with myself as a game or an  exercise. I began by just thinking of four-letter words, care to join me? Feel free to add four  letter words of your own. My challenge began when the word hate, was used as part of a news   report. You do not often realize what an affect/effect, certain words have on us and our psyche, it is even worse when we are inundated with subliminally, subconscious wordage or messaging.

Using four-letter words can be powerful