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319-word column. Monthly inspirational column is written by Evelyn M. Bingham, a retired entrepreneur and former owner of the first black-owned hotel on Mackinaw Island in Michigan.



     How many of us have had our hopes and dreams dashed, discouraged, and destroyed by the lack of encouragement and assistance, especially as were growing up.  Quite a few of us, I’m sure.


     As you continue to pursue your goals and dreams, keep the other components of success in the forefront. In addition to Hope, include those of Faith, and Love and Work!


    Don’t be too afraid or apprehensive to try out an idea or a thought.  It takes a good idea to help motivate forward action, with invested interests, sufficient to accomplish the goal!


     To most people, the thought of failing or the actuality of it happening, is extremely disappointing and has devastating effects.  When failure, becomes a part of your life, it is difficult to see how there can be any recovery or turn around.  When your focus, is temporarily clouded or obscured, it makes the possibility of winning or achieving a goal inconceivable.

Don’t be deterred to pursue your goals

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