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A 648-word editorial by Larry Gore, Jr., a metro-Detroit based writer.  Discusses why African Americans don't own many businesses.



Ambition: defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as an ardent desire for rank, fame, or power. Pride, popularity, and prestige are the key hallmarks of having a successive and fruitful business everyone wishes to take satisfaction in. Various individuals have it embedded in their heart to become an entrepreneur one day but exactly what does that require and what limit one is willing to go to realize their objective.

     For starters, one must know and understand the instinct difference between a business and a hustle. It is shown all over social media and in the music industry about the incentives as well as the pitfalls of hustling, which is to acquire financial solidity by underhanded means i.e., to lie, deceive, rob, and sell out all for currency and position. It is seen on videos and heard in many rappers' music about the condescension and boasting of their lavish lifestyles and how foolish they have become when it comes to their money. Regarding Black people in general, we seem to have forgotten the importance of education, the challenging work and labor it takes to truly become effective and be taken seriously. Some neglect the discipline of reading and studying for countless hours and doing extensive research of having just the minimum essentials of having business etiquette.

Changing viewpoints on Blacks and Business