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A 473-word article written by Sheila Bingham, a natural healthcare specialist. For products or more information, feel free to contact:, (IG) healusall, or (947) 333-1513.



Welcome to the second of a series of articles on building your immunity with color, continuing with the color, “RED”. 

     Our “Root” chakra, represented by red, is physically located at the base/groin area of the body. The root chakra is closely related to the large intestine, kidneys, bladder, rectum, sciatic nerve, adrenal glands, bottom of the feet, also corresponds with the hierarchy of needs in that it ties in with our physiological needs (air, food, sleep, stimulation, activity). Red color energy is usually associated with our physical self and is grounding. Red stimulates our life energy, the heart, blood pressure and breathing rhythm. It helps build inner strength, vitality, courage and will power. Alleviates colds, rheumatic complaints, gout & metabolism disturbances and heightens sensuality. Red is also considered vibrant, “warm” and stimulating.

     Our immune system consists of “red blood cells” (developed in our bone marrow), which are responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. The tissues produce energy with the oxygen that is produced via the lungs and releases carbon dioxide, which is a waste. This function keeps the body healthy. To maintain our red blood cells, we should consume iron rich foods such as eggs, bananas, whole grains, blackstrap molasses, red colored foods (beets, cranberries, pomegranate, cherries, tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon, red peppers, apples, etc.), red/organ meats (liver, beef & kidney), dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, etc.), dried fruits (raisins, prunes, etc.), herbs (dandelion, parsley, spearmint, coriander, nettle, yellow dock, etc.), and/or supplement with Vitamins B-2, B-3, B-12. Additional items to assist in red energy therapy are red gemstones/crystals (Ruby, Agate, Red Diamonds, Red Apatite, Red Tourmaline, and Garnet), a red candle, red clothing, the music note of “C”, 

Building your immunity with COLOR - RED