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A 700-word article written by Calvin T. Mann, National Encourager, is President and Founder of Encourage Me I’m Young and Good Fathers Only and can be reached at



    What’s wrong with the men? You see these post on Facebook and twitter all the time where girls, women, educators, and parents are all asking the same question. At the same time, men ask the same question. Have we become complacent in our parenting?

    Let’s take a journey back to when he was just a boy, our baby boy. Consider that our sons are growing up with mostly women, their mothers. But some fathers and some mothers get that it’s better for the child to have a male role model in the home. Some know it’s the best way and the “best way” should be in a marriage, period. We know for a fact, that two parent households hold the most significant results for children. In the single environment, he sometimes learns immediately the impact of the hunger for his father’s presence, anger, and lack. I believe, by the time he is two he understands. If he barely sees someone like me (another male), he learns right away how to ball up his fists. He turns 4 and is old enough to attend daycare. Here is where he is reminded, that if he does “the wrong” things there are consequences. As little boys begin to be kicked out or constantly reminded to sit down, the lessons and consequences become part of his behavioral foundation.

     Now, if he’s a black boy, he may experience his first unwanted moment (consequence), when he is kicked out. What is the message that we plant in our little boys?

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