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A 593-word inspirational article written by Evangelist Barbara Colbert-Brooks



This wintry morning, driving along the highway, the brisk March wind swirled bits of snow and ice, warning that although Spring was just around the corner, winter was still in control. Other vehicles sped past me traveling at warp speed, oblivious of others, their own destination the only thing that mattered. The morning felt like I’d been there before, and gradually my mind began to wander back to the past. The words to a sonnet I had written nearly 30 years ago came to my remembrance, and yesteryear instantly became yesterday.


   I recall my other times within my very soul

Memories stir deep within as fragmented tales untold

Sometimes creeping secretly on the back of a passing wind

Forgotten visions drift silently provoking recollection

Or a gentle fragrance lingering a scent of yesteryears

Suggesting times of long-ago reviving sleeping spirits

A fleeting glance of a stranger's face - the eyes, the smile, the laughter

Vainly whirl me in pursuit of dreams I cannot capture

I can feel my other times as real as present days

Illusions perpetrate the thought that life's a mere charade

Perhaps sometime my other times will not escape my grasp

And show me what I was before in my vague and shadowy past.


       The road abruptly curved leaving the sun behind me, and traffic turning strangely sparse, I found myself a lone traveler. Like Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole, I felt myself sinking back to a place I’d abandoned ions ago. The poem resounded from past to present, determined to resurrect the lost and lonely composer, who in her darkest moments, had authored the haunting sonnet.

After the Rain God Stops the Storm