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A 671-word editorial on how African American men and women should view their roles in society written by Larry Gore Jr., a Metro Detroit-based writer.



For the sisters: bearing in mind the true essence of womanhood, the sternness of confidence and the obvious glow one should have been a trait that should not go ignored.

     In today’s world, the excessive eyebrows, the lashes, and the nails often says that somewhere within there is low self-esteem shown in their pride and conceit. It is more than just a fad or a hip style, it is unconsciously denying true natural beauty that should be expressed.

     Many tend to provoke jealousy amongst their fellow sisters but wearing false material items should never be compared to the utter beauty that lies within. For many years, the Black woman has suffered through years of negligence and has been taken for granted, due to the man not owning up to his responsibilities, therefore leaving the core of the load to the woman. As a result of this unfortunate discord, the Black woman in so many ways have been working in overall autonomy, which is not wrong if one is single, but may be problematic and out of order during a marriage.

A Reminder on how we should view being Black Beautiful from the Inside Out